AMR(Automatic Meter Reading) For Business

Automated Meter Reads (AMR) for business is a highly useful tool for monitoring business energy consumption. Businesses can install AMR in their buildings to collect half-hourly data for electric, gas and water. This half-hourly AMR data is essential for in-depth energy consumption analysis and also reduces the need for manual meter reads.

The AMR half-hourly data has multiple uses:

1.       Identifying heating /cooling clashes.
By installing AMR on both the gas and the chiller systems, the heating and cooling relationship can be monitored and any potential heating/cooling clashes could be identified.

2.       Gas Monitoring
Installing gas AMR can provide invaluable information. By monitoring the half hourly gas consumption of your site you can identify irregular consumption trends and prevent energy wastage.

3.       Employee awareness
Installation of tenant smart meters/submeters allows individual tenants energy consumption to be monitored. This data could be used for staff awareness campaigns.

4.       Tenant Billing
Tenant smart meters also provide a solution to a landlords tenant billing nightmares. Tenants can be billed fairly for their actual electrical use and the remaining service charge can be apportioned between each tenant.

5.       Bill validation
Energy suppliers have been known to use estimated reads which may result in inflated energy bills. Smart meters can be used to validate your utility bills and enable you to reclaim the difference.

6.       Electric monitoring
Smart meters can be installed throughout the site to monitor a variety of different areas/ appliances e.g. Kitchen, Plant rooms, Air Handling Units, Chillers. The information can be used to identify key energy drivers and energy wastage.

7.       Water management
This is particularly useful if your site is a water guzzler. AMR and portable meters can be used to monitor water consumption and identify water leaks.

8.       Meter validation
If you suspect your site is experiencing meter calibration problems, portable AMR meters can be installed to identify any discrepancies.

9.       No more manual reads
With smart meters installed, this reduces the need for manual reads and eliminates the human errors associated with them.

10.   Energy budgeting/forecasting
With accurate knowledge of your sites energy usage, you will be better equipped when it comes to renewing energy contracts.