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Benefits of AMR Smart Meters

Posted by efficiencydirect on August 7, 2013

An AMR or smart meter is an advanced utility meter. AMR stand for Automated Meter Read.

This means that the meter collects half-hourly consumption data and transfers the data to an energy management system where it is stored and can be analysed. The half-hourly data can be collected for gas, electric and water and removes the need to outdated and time-consuming manual reads.

AMR is ideal for smaller sites just under the 100kW threshold for half-hourly meters. Smart meters can be used to monitor electric, gas and water consumption and communicates via GSM technology for remote energy reporting. The half-hourly data can also be used by the utilities supplier to produce the monthly utility invoice.

This is a more accurate method of collecting consumption data meaning that supplier invoices are less likely to be estimated. A central server collects the data for analysis and billing.

What Are The Benefits Of AMR?

AMR provides accurate consumption data for:
•    Accurate and timely tenant billing
•    Monitoring of electric, gas & water
•    validating utility invoices
•    Identifying energy savings
•    No more estimated bills
•    Improved Budget and Accrual
•    Energy Monitoring and targeting becomes a useful management tool.

Energy consumption information can be used to raise awareness among building occupants and to produce league tables with the aim to reduce business energy spend.

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