The Problem

A Sussex based cosmetics factory manager had noticed that since his electricity supplier had installed a new meter his energy bills had mysteriously increased from around £18,000 pa to £80,000 pa.

The electricity supplier had already confirmed the accuracy of his tariff meter using a check meter and found no problems. Efficiency Direct were asked if they could independently help to isolate the problem and identify the source of the large increase in consumption if possible.

The solution

The factory electrical supply divided into two individual circuits shortly after the main tariff meter. It was decided to install portable Profile meters onto the main supply and also onto each of the two supplies into which the main then splits.

Following a monitoring period where the three portable meters monitored electrical consumption in kWh and stored half hour consumption data in the three identified locations the data was uploaded and analysis completed.

Detailed analysis subsequently showed that our client was indeed using substantially less electricity than his meter was recording. His latest recorded consumption closely matched that experienced prior to his meter being exchanged. In fact a small reduction was apparent, which had been expected, following the removal of an electric boiler the previous year.

The outcome

Once our detailed report and metering results were provided to the supplier, a full refund was made and the supplier even refunded the cost of our fees to our client.

About the service provided

Efficiency Direct Installed portable metering to accurately measure how much electricity was being consumed.
Energy monitoring and reporting.