The Problem

A city council wanted to better understand their consumption of water, electricity and gas in their seafront premises. The council commissioned Efficiency Direct to conduct a comprehensive energy survey of the facilities. The energy survey identified major underground water leaks, defective water flow control equipment wasting water in the gents toilets. The energy audit also identified that a number of the utilities supplies, including water, were being shared with other tenants  who were responsible for a proportion of the usage. During the energy audit the energy consultants found several defective meters and discovered many of the supplier invoices the council had received were based upon estimated meter readings.

The solution

Efficiency Directs energy consultants fitted new meters for the accurate measurement of electrical, gas and water consumption so no more estimated bills.

Sub meters were installed to allow for accurate monitoring of tenant energy usage and associated tenant billing.

Efficiency Direct also provided the council with on-going energy monitored in the form of monthly energy reports to monitor usage trends to identify how consumption could be reduced during out-of-hour periods.

The outcome

Initial immediate savings in the form of a waste water rebate amounted to £19,270.

Annual savings from leak repair, was estimated to be in the region of £57,500.

About the service provided

ED carried out an Energy Survey which identified key areas of energy wastage.

ED arranged for the installation of an exhaustive Metering and sub metering system for accurate energy monitoring.

Tenant Billing allows the city council to reclaim utility costs from the tenants.

Monitoring and Reporting identified out-of-hours consumption.