The Problem

Efficiency Direct had been providing energy management services to a large managing agent with large commercial buildings in the London area. Each month the client received energy consumption reports along with tenant bills, to enable the managing agent to reclaim energy costs from the tenants within the building. It soon became apparent that the building’s landlord was being held responsible for roughly 60% of the total energy consumption and after a visit to site to investigate, Efficiency Direct discovered that unknown to the landlord, the building’s plant room was also supplying a nearby gallery.

The solution

The building already had numerous tenant sub meters for the existing tenants in the buildings. Efficiency Direct installed a further 3 sub-meters in the gallery and added the meters to the existing energy monitoring system and tenant billing system which has enabled the accurate monitoring of the tenants energy consumption within that area of the building. As well as the Landlord billing the existing tenants within the building, the landlord requested that the gallery’s consumption is monitored and an energy bill provided for the newly identified tenant. The energy reports that the managing agent receives now includes a breakdown of each tenants electricity consumption and each tenants energy bill.

The outcome

All tenants within the building now receive an accurate monthly energy bill and the landlord’s service charge has dramatically decreased. The landlord now reclaims an additional £400-£500 each month from the gallery tenant to put towards the buildings total energy bill.

About the service provided

Efficiency Direct provides a number of metering services which include: Sub-metering, smart metering and portable metering for the accurate monitoring of energy consumption for specific areas or devices/equipment. The sub meters can accurately monitor tenants energy consumption & be used to calculate tenant energy bill.