Benefits of AMR(Advanced Utility Meter) Smart Meters

Benefits of AMR(Advanced Utility Meter) Smart Meters

An AMR or smart meter is an advanced utility meter. AMR stand for Automated Meter Read. This means that the meter collects half-hourly consumption data and transfers the data to an energy management system where it is stored and can be analysed. The half-hourly data can be collected for gas, electric and water and removes the need to outdat...

Manual Meter Reads vs AMR

Manual Meter Reads vs AMR-Automate Meter Reading-utility consumption data

Ever since the introduction of Automate Meter Reading, or AMR, it has been possible to automatically collect utility consumption data without requiring manual meter reads. However, despite the possibilities of AMR, a number of companies continue to undertake manual reads. Below, we explore the pros and cons of AMR and meter reads: AMR...

Uses Of Sub Metering Systems

Uses Of Sub Metering Systems-specialising in energy saving services for businesses

Sub-metering systems enable you to break down where and when your overall energy is used. Before installing the system, a site survey should be carried out to understand the overall energy usages that will then develop a careful plan to match the client’s expectations. As sub-metering systems are very versatile and flexible they ha...