Tenant Billing

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Reliable and accurate tenant billing

Resolves tenant utility disputes

Saves administration time and costs.

Raises energy awareness

About the service

Tenant Billing Service for commercial landlords and managing agents.

Commercial tenant billing is one of the services Efficiency Direct provide for landlords and managing agents to help them reclaim the utilities costs in multi-let, multi-tenanted premises. Tenant utility billing has previously proven difficult for landlords and managing agents looking to accurately and fairly recharge tenants. Our accurate tenant billing service provides a solution for landlords, managing agents and businesses with multi-let and multi-tenanted  buildings who have previously struggled to reclaim energy costs.

Tenant billing in multi-let commercial business properties has long been a challenge for landlords and managing agents. Tenant billing can be a complicated and time-consuming exercise, particularly for those responsible for multiple buildings and multiple tenants and multiple utilities providers.

Tenant billing methods vary from simply dividing the buildings utilities bills equally between the tenants occupying the premises. Another tenant billing method is to charge each of the tenants based on the percentage floor area that they occupy. However, these methods of tenant billing are outdated and it is a very inaccurate way of apportioning the utility bills because inevitably, some businesses use more energy than others.

When it comes to energy recharges, tenants expect to pay for what they’ve used. We have developed an accurate tenant billing solutions whereby each tenant’s energy consumption (kWh) is calculated and they are charged accordingly.

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Tenant Billing Solution

In accordance with the Electricity Act (1989), which is incorporated in the Utilities Act (2000), all meters used for utilities recharging, must be Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approved.

So the first step of accurate tenant billing is to ensure the property has an appropriate tenant metering system. In order to accurately collect tenant consumption data, tenant sub meters must be installed within the buidling. Importantly, these tenant meters must be MID approved meters. It is vital that the meters are installed and commissioned properly so that the energy can be accurately monitored.

Efficiency Direct has experience with tenant metering in complex properties and is happy to help with your metering needs (see Metering & Sub metering).

The tenant sub meters collect half hourly data, which is sent to an energy monitoring and targeting system to calculate how much electricity each tenant is using and charges them accordingly.

The final step on the tenant billing service is to calculate the tenant bills. To calculate the tenants utility bills, Efficiency Direct look at the business’s energy supply contract and monthly invoices, taking into account the unit rates and charges.

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Benefits Of Tenant Billing

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