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Energy and Carbon Reporting

Energy and carbon reporting service is for energy-conscious, carbon-conscious businesses who are looking to better understand their energy usage and spend as well as the associated carbon emissions.

Our energy and carbon reports are an extremely useful tool of monitoring business energy consumption and can be used to help businesses achieve industry standards such as the Carbon Trust Standard and ISO 50001 as well as achieve mandatory compliance such as the Energy savings opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), or simply getting to grips with your business energy usage and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Energy reporting is vital to any business energy management system. Regular energy reporting is an extremely effective tool in identifying potential energy savings, improving business energy efficiency and understand the carbon impact of your business.

Energy reporting is most effective when accurate half-hourly energy data is available. Typically, energy reports can simply summarise electric, gas and water consumption enabling businesses to see how much energy is being consumed within their buildings and properties each calendar month. Alternatively, business energy consumption reports can be more detailed, breaking down the electric, gas and water usage to identify how, where an when the energy is being used.

If there are sub meters installed within the building, energy reports can include analysis of their energy usage. The reports can then include information about where the energy is being consumed and which areas are the highest energy users.

One key element to our energy reports is the energy savings recommendations section. Each energy report will identify areas of energy waste and highlight potential energy saving opportunities and energy saving initiatives to help improve business energy efficiency.

We offer bespoke energy reports which can be produced for individual buildings or an business's entire portfolio of properties.

Business Energy Consumption Reports

Business energy consumption reports are customised to meet the requirements of the business but will typically include:

  • -Summary of energy use within the building
  • -Summary of associated co2 emmissions
  • -Detailed analysis of electric, gas and water tariff meter usage
  • -Identify usage for high energy loads (plant, HVAC, machinery, lighting)
  • -Identify areas of potential energy wastage
  • -Outline recommendations for energy saving improvements
  • -Reporting and analysis out-of-hours consumption (when the building is vacant)
  • -Identifying the highest day of consumption within the month
  • -Reporting any unexpected increases/decreases in consumption
  • -Degree Day Analysis reporting (gas and chiller usage against outside ambient temperature)
  • -Reporting and analysis of energy usage in tenanted areas and floors
  • -Reporting base loads information
  • -Reporting business ghg figures

For organisations looking to raise energy awarness within multi-tenanted properties, the energy reports can be adapted to include information about  each individual tenants energy consumption and co2 emissions. This has proved very useful, as it raises energy awareness among the building occupants who will then think more carefully about what energy they are using. These enery reports can be used as part of an energy and carbon awareness campaign in the workplace.

Efficiency Direct provide bespoke energy reports to a number of commercial clients. For a sample energy report or to find out more information, please Contact Us.

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