What Our ESOS Lead Assessors learnt from ESOS phase one

ESOS Lead Assessors

Efficiency Direct have helped numerous UK companies achieve their ESOS phase 1 compliance, now, as we approach phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, we asked our Lead Assessors what lessons they had learnt from phase one that they will be taking with them into the second phase. ESOS phase 2: Preparation is Key Many Organisa...

ESOS Phase 2 under way

ESOS Phase 2 under way-22

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Phase 2 or ESOS phase 2 as it is commonly known, is well underway for qualifying UK companies. After the successful completion of ESOS phase 1, many large UK companies who meet the qualifying criteria are now facing the 2nd phase of ESOS. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a mandatory EU directi...

Environment Agency ESOS Enforcement Notice Guidance

Environment Agency ESOS Enforcement Notice Guidance1

What is an ESOS Enforcement Notice? If you are reading this, chances are you have recieved an ESOS enforcement notice. The Environment Agency have been issuing ESOS Enforcement Notices to organisations who qualified for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme but have not lodged compliance by the deadline date. If you have not heard of ESO...