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The Benefits Of Business Energy Reporting

Business energy reports contain invaluable information about businesses energy use. Business can use these energy reports to reduce their energy and save money.

Efficiency Direct has been providing monthly energy reports to a portfolio of prestigious clients for over 10 years. Here we look at how business energy reporting has benefited these organisations so far.

Exception Reporting – The business energy reports reports highlight anomalies in consumption patterns. This means we identify energy consumption at unexpected times. Being aware of energy wastage can lead to business energy savings.

Bill Verification – The business energy reports compare monthly utility supplier bill values to actual site energy consumption, which has allowed clients to reclaim charges.

Recommendations – The business energy reports list advisories for energy savings and identify areas that require further investigation. Our energy consultants can then assist companies who want to look a bit deeper.

Bench Marking – some businesses ask for bench marking to be included in their energy reports. It is possible to benchmark a site’s energy consumption against another similar buildings and industry standards.

Energy Presentations – The energy reports can be presented to clients, managing agents, landlords and tenants on a quarterly basis to help drive energy awareness campaigns.

Staff Awareness – The reports can be shared with building users and tenants to increase awareness of energy consumption and energy spend.

Acknowledgement Of Energy Savings – The report will compare historical consumption data (if available) to latest consumption data and highlight any savings. Energy reports may also be able to identify energy savings that have resulted from changes made on site (i.e. reduced plant run hours).

Time Saving – By compiling the energy reports and sending them on a monthly basis, this helps to reduce in-house staff workloads.

Technical Support – We are happy to answer questions about your energy report and will try to answer any other questions you have relating energy at your site.

Technical Advice – We are on hand to provide technical advice e.g. advice regarding CRC registration and electrical tap downs.

Integrated Energy Solutions – The energy reports can be linked with any of the other services offered by Efficiency Direct such as tenant billing or technical consultancy to give the complete energy consultancy package.

Energy Consultancy – By linking business energy reports with regular site visits by qualified energy consultants, we can help businesses better understand the relationship between business activity and energy consumption.

Energy conscious businesses can opt to receive energy monitoring and reporting as a stand-alone service or as part of an annual energy management package.