Metering & Sub metering

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Closer analysis of energy consumption

Monitor core plant, floors and lighting

Accurate consumption data

Tenant Sub metering

About the service

Efficiency Direct’s consultants have extensive experience assisting businesses with a variety of metering and sub metering projects in commercial building. Sub metering systems can be complex, and depending on the size and complexity of the business premises, a site visit may be required. You will be assigned a consultant who will assess the metering needs, advise on the options and support you throughout the process.

Our consultants can assist you with a complete range of metering services which involves project managing the installation of:

Sub metering Systems in commercial buildings

Sub meters can be installed throughout commercial buildings to monitor the energy consumption of particular areas. The meters enable the collection of invaluable half-hourly data. Many of our current clients have sub meters installed to monitor energy consumption for the following supplies:

By sub metering commercial and business premises, oraganisations can closely and accurately monitor energy consumption enabling them to identify the areas of highest consumption.

In order to help you understand what you want, or what you need, our metering and sub metering consultants will provide you with advice and information. To ensure things run smoothly, our consultants will project manage the metering and sub metering installation from start to finish and beyond.

The data from sub meters can be collected and using an Monitoring and targeting (M&T) software package, it is possible to analyse the data to build an in-depth picture of a buildings energy use. The information from the sub metering system can be used to identify key energy drivers and highlight energy wastage for businesses.

Sub meters for Multi-let Commercial Buildings

Sub meter systems can be installed to accurately monitor individual tenant’s electrical consumption, whether they occupy an independent site, a retail unit, an entire floor of a building or even, part of a floor within a commercial building.

Tenant meters can be installed in multi-let offices and multi-occupancy buildings to help landlords to accurately reclaim utility costs from tenants. If the data from these meters is being used to bill the tenants, then MID approved meters must be used.

See Tenant Billing for more information.

Smart Meters and Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Automated Meter Reads means no more manual reads.

AMR can be installed for electric, water and gas to enable half-hourly data to be collected. A smart meter is an advanced utility meter ideal for smaller sites just under the 100kW threshold for half-hourly meters.

Temporary Portable Metering

Portable meters are very useful when you need to assess where and when your electricity is consumed, or to confirm that your existing meters are accurate.

Portable meters can also be very useful should you wish to monitor energy consumption on a temporary basis in a specific area.  Portable meters can be used to quantify the effect of implementing energy saving initiatives. Our portable meters will be installed by Efficiency Direct’s qualified energy consultants.

The portable meters we use are non-intrusive and usually do not require supplies to be interrupted to allow installation and later removal.

For more information about metering, sub metering, AMR & portable meters, please Contact Us.

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