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Energy Audits and Energy Surveys

We offer energy audits and energy surveys for businesses looking to improve energy efficiency and save energy. Our comprehensive energy audits are carried out by Efficiency Direct's energy consultants.  We have extensive experience carrying out energy audits and energy surveys to assess building performance for businesses throughout the UK.

Energy audits are an essential tool for businesses looking to reduce energy consumption, improve the energy efficiency of their sites, identify energy waste and ultimately, reduce business's annual utility spend.

Energy audits can be arranged at a time to suit your business and depending on your company's requirements, can be planned for varying levels of detail.

A commercial building energy audit can be provided for a single building, or multi-site energy audit to survey the buildings in the entire business property portfolio. Your energy survey may also include a BMS audit, if a Building Management System is present within the property.

The main aim of an energy audit is to assess all aspects of a commercial building's energy usage, asses it's energy efficiency performance and identify business energy savings.

The energy audit can also include an infrared survey. Our energy consultants will usually use a thermal imaging camera during the audit, to identify areas of heat loss within the property or within specific equipment.

An energy audit report is written following the completion of the energy survey. The energy audit report will summarise the findings from the energy survey. These energy audit reports are extremely useful for understanding how the business can save energy and save money.

The Benefits Of Energy Audits

  • Greater understanding of high energy users within buildings e.g. core-plant, chillers, lighting.
  • Understanding potential areas of energy wastage.
  • Identify the energy base-load within the building.
  • Highlight site specific recommendations to reduce energy consumption.
  • Typically, a survey will find between 10% and 15% of savings.

Our energy consultants have experience carrying out energy audits for the Carbon Trust and more recently, completed site energy surveys as part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) scheme.

Efficiency Direct's energy consultants have previously carried out energy audits for; NHS hospitals, law firm offices, factories, care homes, leisure centres, power stations, waste recycling sites, police headquarters, garden centres, chains of restaurants and public and private schools.

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