The Problem

Efficiency Direct was asked to carry out an Energy Survey at a Council run Leisure Centre, which had previously been threatened with closure. The site which comprised of a sports hall, a swimming pool, a reception area and offices was originally built in 1939. The control for the plant was in many cases, the original fit and quite old.

The solution

The surveys main findings were :

Create an energy policy
Increase staff awareness for energy
Extend current energy monitoring and targeting system
Extend lighting controls
Install new heating control system
Check the controls of the newly installed motor inverters
Reduce the electrical base load
Improve heating pipework insulation
Install double glazing

The outcome

If all of these measures were implemented, it was estimated that there would be :

  • an annual saving of £94,977
  • an annual saving of 589 tonnes of CO2
  • The cost of implementing these measures would be £259,500 (payback period 2.7yrs)

About the service provided

Energy Survey, ED carried out an Energy Survey which identified a number of energy saving initiatives