What Is Energy Bill Verification?

Energy bill verification is checking that your business energy suppliers are charging you correctly for what your business is actually using.

Energy bill verification should normally be included if you use an energy broker to secure your energy contract. Alternatively,  energy bill verification could be included in your energy reporting package.

To carry out business energy bill verification, you need an accurate method of obtaining energy consumption figures e.g an energy monitoring system, energy report, AMR or manual meter reads. Of course, you will also need copies of your business utility invoices.

If your business is on a 100kW (or above) supply, you will automatically get half hourly consumption data and you can gain access to this information via your energy supplier.

 If your business is on a sub-100 kW supply, you may want to install Automated Meter Reading (AMR) rather than going through the time-consuming process of taking manual meter reads.

The majority of gas meters don’t have AMR fitted and usually rely on manual reads. However, it is worth considering the possibility of having gas AMR installed in your site or building.

Once you have a way of collecting accurate energy consumption figures, you will be able to carry out energy bill verification by comparing the actual energy consumption figures on the supplier utility bills/invoices.

Whilst verifying your energy bills, it would be wise to check your energy rates and charges to ensure you are on the best tariff rates.